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Training & Events

(July) ERA Top Gun

Jul 22, 2018   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

314 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park,New York 11040

(July) ERA Acceration

Jul 24, 2018   10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

314 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park,New York 11040

(Aug) ERA Pro Performance

Aug 13, 2018   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

314 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park,New York 11040

(August) ERA Acceration

Aug 28, 2018   2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

314 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park,New York 11040

(Sep) ERA Top Gun

Sep 17, 2018   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

314 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park,New York 11040

(October) ERA Acceration

Oct 2, 2018   12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

314 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park,New York 11040

(Oct) ERA Pro Performance

Oct 15, 2018   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

314 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park,New York 11040

(November) ERA Acceration

Nov 16, 2018   10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

314 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park,New York 11040


Success Stories

I want to thank you for your tremedous support during the past two years, as we went through the long process of cleaning up and preparing our family home for sale after 55 years and closed on July 14, 2017. You proved to be far more than a real estate agent, and I am grateful for all the ways in which you so willingly helped me through this difficult process. You came highly recommended after sucuccessfully selling my brother in laws childhood home and so glad you did. No one lives and breathes NHP and surrounding areas more than you!

The things that will stick in my mind include the offer of the services; your suggestions for what should be done to prepare the house for market, you went through our home and suggested practical and inxepensive ways to present our home at its best and then your suggestions of trades (plumbing, electrical, cleaning, painting and attorney) to carry out that work and closing turned out to be first rate!

Your knowledge, resoucefulness and professionalism were incredible.  Your commitment, enthusiasm, care and professionalism during the sale process itself were without compromise. Your pricing was straight on; your commitment to getting exposure for the house was amazing.  And the fact that we were able to close without issues is attest to your skill and dedication.  Finally, let me acknowledge that this was a house sale tha was complicated by the fact that I live in Los Angeles, your willingness to go the extra mile for me by being present and paying for expenses for work that was needed is just one of the examples which made a huge difference. kept me up to date on all of the activity and feedback on the house even though I was far away.  I depended and trusted you.  I don't know if I could have done it without you!

I would be very happy to give Grace Desiderio my highest recommendation and more stars for anyone desiring to sell their property or buy one.  Her in depth know how and the numerous professional and personal contacts in the business, places her clients which other realtors can only dream about.  This alone sets her apart from all her fellow realtor.  

I will forever be grateful to you for all of that and more. 

Grace Desiderio
I drive two hours a day to work at a real estate agency that has proven to me it is worth every mile.  From the support and knowledge I have acquired from owner/broker Peter Caputo to the support the company receives as a team member of the ERA Franchise.  Being a newer agent it's important to me that I have found an agency that helps me build my career with positive reinforcement needed to move forward in a very competitive industry.
Frank Emmi
ERA Caputo Realty
I love working ERA Caputo Realty my broker Peter Caputo is a good bus leader and good broker to work for.
Joann Markowitz, Realtor
Working at ERA Caputo Realty makes me realize that support, education and keeping with the latest technology not only helps the company but helps me grow as a professional and an individual. The team spirit is amazing ... everyone is positive and supportive. Its a great environment!!
Rosalba Gutierrez, Licensed Associate Broker
ERA Caputo Realty
I have been working for ERA Caputo Realty for 25 years. I never heard my Broker, Peter Caputo, raise his voice, an amazing thing for a person responsible for the actions of so many agents. Another amazing thing is that Peter is always there 24/7 to help us be the best we can be and very proud to see us fly on our own like a good parent should. In other words, Peter Caputo is the best Broker an agent would ever have!
MARIA PROIS, Licensed Associate Broker
ERA Caputo Realty
Working at ERA Caputo makes the job of working in real estate a real joy. The endless support both personally and via ERA computer programs gives you the answers and support in almost all areas of the business. Also, having a broker who is always available to help in whatever way is needed gives you the security of knowing someone always has your back. He is always on top of the latest technology and is always trying to find better and more efficient ways for us to increase our business. I love working at ERA and although I have friends working at other agencies, I can`t imagine working at any other place. ERA Caputo--The best place for buyers, sellers and REAL ESTATE AGENTS.
Joanne Markowitz, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
ERA Caputo Realty
Some of the highlights working with ERA Caputo Realty are: 1. Non competing broker. 2. All agents are competitive and straightforward, dealing honestly with each other and fellow brokers. 3. Free training and website exposure. 4. Very motivated to stay on top of the latest technology. 5. All leads are distributed to agents.
Richard Winkhart, Licensed Associate Broker
ERA Caputo Realty
There are a number of reasons I like working at ERA Caputo Realty. I feel that honesty and integrity when dealing with buyers and sellers is at the top of the list. Always keeping up with technology and what is going on in the market is also high in ranking. The team spirit and always having the ability to be able to go to your Broker and your associates for problem solving is just the best. John Allegro Associate Broker
John Allegro, License Associate Broker
The environment at ERA Caputo is ELECTRIC!! Peter & Maria are wonderful people to work for. They provide endless motivation, encouragement, and support. Peter has a genuine desire to help each salesperson develop and grow their own business. He provides us, on a daily basis, with training and techniques necessary to become our personal best. He has an endless love for the industry, and he shares it with honesty & integrity. I am so happy to be part of his winning team! Patti Orr Pasquale
Patti Orr, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
ERA Caputo Realty
I have been working at ERA Caputo Realty for the past 19 years and have come to realize the difference in education for real estate training that is extended to us by our broker Peter Caputo. Peter is always on top of things to make us aware to increase our business and income which reflects a happy work place.
Samuel Da Grossa, License Real Estate Agent

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